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Specifically for researchers collecting TOPICS-MDS and/or TOPICS-SF data within the ZonMw programme 'Memorabel', several documents are available (in Dutch). Please note, that the codebooks and SPSS templates below are specifically tailored for TOPICS-MDS / SF data collection in Memorabel and are therefore somewhat different from the regular TOPICS-MDS codebooks and templates.

If you are a Memorabel researcher and have questions about any of the documents provided below or are in need of more information, please contact us at topics-mds@radboudumc.nl .


Memorabel round 5

TOPICS-MDS achtergrond informatie (ronde 5)

Informed Consent TOPICS-MDS

Informed Consent TOPICS-MDS – wettelijke vertegenwoordiger

Codeboek TOPICS-MDS zorgvrager en mantelzorger Memorabel 5

SPSS templates voor invoer en aanlevering TOPICS-MDS data Memorabel 5

Metadata Memorabel format


Memorabel round 7

Vragenlijsten dataverzameling Memorabel ronde 7

Codeboek TOPICS-SF zorgvrager en TOPICS-MDS mantelzorger dataverzameling Memorabel ronde 7

SPSS templates dataverzameling Memorabel ronde 7

Metadata Memorabel format ronde 7