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Department of Geriatric Medicine


When collecting TOPICS-MDS data, a codebook can be useful. Below, you will find the codebooks belonging to the TOPICS-MDS version before 2017, version 2017 and the 4 versions of the TOPICS Short form + casemix.

The TOPICS-MDS codebooks version before 2017 en version 2017 correspond to the TOPICS-MDS questionnaires. Note, however, that some specifics have been added for data collection within the ZonMw programme Memorabel. If you have any questions or remarks, please contact TOPICS-MDS.



Codebook for collecting data TOPICS-MDS version before 2017


Codebook for collecting data TOPICS-MDS version 2017


Codebook for collecting data TOPICS Short Form 2017 + Casemix (4 variants)