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Department of Geriatric Medicine


When collecting TOPICS-MDS or Short Form data, a codebook can be useful. Below, you will find the codebooks corresponding to the TOPICS-MDS and Short Form questionnaires.


Codebooks TOPICS-MDS care receiver

Dutch: Codeboek TOPICS-MDS2017 zorgvrager baseline en vervolgmeting

English: Codebook TOPICS-MDS2017 care receiver baseline and follow-up


Codebook TOPICS-MDS caregiver

Dutch: Codeboek TOPICS-MDS2019 mantelzorger

English: Codebook TOPICS-MDS2019 caregiver


Codebooks for the MDS 2017 caregiver, baseline and follow-up: Codeboek TOPICS-MDS2017 mantelzorger (Dutch) and Codebook TOPICS-MDS2017 caregiver (English)



Codebooks TOPICS Short Form

Dutch: Codeboek TOPICS Short Form2017 Baseline_Follow-up_Polikliniek_Kliniek + Casemix

English: Codebook TOPICS Short Form2017 (without casemix)



Codebooks I-TOPICS Short Form

Dutch: Codeboek I-TOPICS Short form (+Casemix)