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Department of Geriatric Medicine

TOPICS-MDS questionnaires care receiver and informal caregiver

Below, you will find all current and earlier versions of the TOPICS-MDS questionnaires. For the care receiver, the most recent version is the MDS 2017, for the caregiver the MDS 2019.


Care receiver questionnaires


TOPICS-MDS2017 – zorgvrager baseline

TOPICS-MDS2017 – zorgvrager vervolgmeting



TOPICS-MDS2017 – care receiver baseline

TOPICS-MDS2017 – care receiver follow-up


Earlier (initial) versions MDS


TOPICS-MDS – zorgvrager baseline

TOPICS-MDS – zorgvrager vervolgmeting



TOPICS-MDS – care receiver baseline

TOPICS-MDS- care receiver follow-up


The initial TOPICS-MDS care receiver questionnaires were also translated into Turkish, Maroccan and Berber. For more information on the practical application of these migrant versions and access to the translated versions of the MDS, you can contact the TOPICS-MDS working group at topics-mds@radboudumc.nl.


Informal caregiver questionnaires

Dutch: TOPICS-MDS2019 – mantelzorger baseline en vervolgmeting

English: TOPICS-MDS2019 – caregiver baseline and follow-up


MDS 2017

Dutch: TOPICS-MDS2017 – mantelzorger baseline en vervolgmeting

English: TOPICS-MDS2017- caregiver baseline and follow-up


Earlier (initial) versions MDS


TOPICS-MDS – mantelzorger baseline

TOPICS-MDS – mantelzorger vervolgmeting



TOPICS-MDS – caregiver baseline

TOPICS-MDS – caregiver follow-up