Radboud University Medical Center

Department of Geriatric Medicine

Data Request

TOPICS-MDS is available for external users. To date, 60 individual research projects have participated in this data-sharing initiative, resulting in a pooled dataset of >43,000 older persons and >9,000 informal caregivers. 'TOPICS-MDS total number of participants per project and time of measurement (last updated June 2017) provides information for 54 of the 60 included projects, such as sampling frame, study design, and the number of participants for each project and time of measurement (T0 and Tx). 


To access data, please send a completed TOPICS-MDS Data Request Form (for students TOPICS-MDS Data Request Form for Students) to topics-mds@radboudumc.nl.


Following submission, requests will be assessed by TOPICS Project Group for feasibility and overlap with previous or on-going data requests. To avoid preferential release of data, requests will also be review by TOPICS Societal Board, which focuses on societal relevance of the research question.

Given that data are de-identified and available for public access, research conducting using TOPICS-MDS fall outside the scope of the Dutch Medical Research Involving Human Subjects Act (WMO) (see Ethical Review Exemption document). Please be advised, however, that ethical approval may required within your own institution.